Find the Perfect Shadowbox for Your Next Project

Find the Perfect Shadowbox for Your Next Project

Custom shadowboxes From Big Horn Art Gallery in Billings, MT

You may have a memento that you'd like to feature but have no means of showcasing it. Instead of risking your precious items or family heirlooms getting lost or damaged, consider displaying it in a Custom Shadowbox from Big Horn Design & Art Gallery in Billings, MT.

For over 25 years, Owner/Operators Dick and Kay have been in the framing business in Billings, MT. Kay works with your art imagery, while Dick builds your custom frames by hand. We understand how special a customized gift is; that's why we work hard to get to know our clients' needs to implement a custom design that's perfect for any occasion.

Shadowboxes are perfect for those looking for ways to preserve priceless artwork, medals or other items with personal significance. Just like picture frames, they provide a long-lasting sanctuary for memories and precious moments to live on. They make the perfect gift or d├ęcor addition to commemorate a time in your life. Choose the correct UV glass enclosure to protect your items or invaluable artwork. Big Horn Design will help create the perfect shadowbox for you.

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