Discover the Elegance of a Rare Artform

Discover the Elegance of a Rare Artform

Pick us for quillwork art pieces

Native American porcupine quillwork is a beautiful artform that is rarely practiced today. It can be hard to find an artist who can create works of art using this medium.

Big Horn Design & Art Gallery in Billings, MT specializes in creating and repairing quillwork art. Quillwork is commonly used in the creation of:

  • Coats
  • Boots
  • Ornaments
Turn to use if you have an idea in mind for a custom quillwork project. Speak with someone from our art gallery today.

Find a professional who can repair your quillwork

There are very few artists who are capable of repairing quillwork. When you choose us for repairs, the entire process will be completed by someone who excels in this art. If you want to replace an old piece, we have a variety of quillwork art pieces for sale.

To learn more about quillwork, call us today at 406-245-7327.